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Garden Cakes!

Posted on 04.13.2008 at 01:56 pm
DailyCrushMood: hungryhungry
Q: What do you get when you put cake batter into this?


A: Garden Cakes! Could there be a more appropriate cakelet for spring? I think not. :)
Get this nifty cake pan here


The Songjiang Underground (well, kinda) Hotel

Posted on 04.11.2008 at 01:24 pm
DailyCrushMood: impressedimpressed
This had so much the same feel of the floating community in the previous DailyCrush entry, I just had to post it (plus it's really cool!)

A design firm called Atkins is going to be designing this unique five-star resort hotel set within a 100-metre deep quarry near Shanghai in China. Set to be completed a year from now (May 2009), the environmentally-sustainable design will include plenty of water and landscape features, cafes, restaurants, and nifty guestrooms that will face a giant 10-metre deep aquarium.



To get the full scoop, just visit the Atkins Design Projects site!

Everything You Need From A-Z... and Floating, Too.

Posted on 03.31.2008 at 11:04 pm
DailyCrushMood: curiousinterested
This is called the AZ Island project, as designed by French architect Jean-Phillipe Zoppini. Over 1,300 feet long and 990 feet wide, the giant vessel is said to host 4,000 cabins plus its own "port" and other facilities, making it like a mini-city on the sea. Take that, Carnival Cruises!


Just imagine taking a vacation and visiting a variety of cities, going back to your own little floating city at night! This is only one of several similar concepts, which you can see on the not-so-greatly-designed but nonetheless interesting Megaships page.

Which one would you want to (at least temporarily) live on?

Get Ready for Earth Hour!

Posted on 03.28.2008 at 11:38 pm
DailyCrushMood: calmenvironmentally cool!
It's kind of like the Boston Tea Party, but for the environment -
A "Big Statement" to draw attention to the cause of fighting climate change.


It's Earth Hour!

On this Saturday, March 29th, from 8 to 9 pm your local time, you can join millions of people around the world in making a statement about climate change by turning off your lights for one hour. It's an event created by the World Wildlife Fund, with big cities participating, from Bangkok and Chicago to Dublin, Toronto, Sydney, and Santa Cruz!

And here's a handy tip from DailyCrusher wosmo - if you check Google, you might just find that many of the country-specific Googles are also "turning the lights off!" ;)

New and Improved! With Extra Insects!

Posted on 03.23.2008 at 04:44 pm
DailyCrushMood: accomplishedaccomplished
Spring has sprung...
which means a new seasonal design update for
your main DailyCrush page!
Stop by and see what you think!

And In Other DailyCrush News:

Those of you who use an rss reader or
NetVibes can get DailyCrush as a feed!
Just use this:


Enjoy! :)

Happy Easter!

Posted on 03.23.2008 at 02:32 pm
DailyCrushMood: bouncyfull o' sugar
Two of my favourite things combined for Easter.
Star Wars, and Peeps. Have a great weekend! :)

They Can Carry a LOT of Jellybeans...

Posted on 03.22.2008 at 12:13 pm
DailyCrushMood: amusedamused
Nope, this is not a Photoshopped photo! Meet the German Giant - it's a rabbit breed that doesn't exist in the wild (it's been developed by breeders.) They come in particularly useful this time of year! ;)

This one's named Ella, and she weighs 26 pounds (10 kg) - the equivalent of a cocker spaniel!

If you want to find out more about these remarkably rotund rabbits, meet Rudi (23 pounds/8.7 kg) and Herman (20 pounds/7.7 kg)!

Happy Spring!

Posted on 03.21.2008 at 02:59 pm
DailyCrushMood: bouncyspring-y
What's this?


It's an Eggling!


The perfect gift for a slow-arriving spring (or for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, a great way to make summer last a little longer!), an Eggling looks and feels like a regular egg, but just crack its top, and you'll find soil ready for planting with the enclosed seeds (you choose herbs or flowers.)

Happy Pi Day!

Posted on 03.14.2008 at 02:46 pm
DailyCrushMood: geekygeeky
Yes, DailyCrushers...
It's that time again...
Time for yet another Geek Holiday...
It's Pi Day!

March 14 = 3.14

And exactly what is Pi? Well..

Pi is one of the most important mathematical constants, approximately equal to 3.14159. It represents the ratio of any circle's circumference to its diameter in Euclidean geometry, which is the same as the ratio of a circle's area to the square of its radius. It is an irrational number; therefore, its decimal representation never ends or repeats. When a circle's diameter is 1, its circumference is Pi, as diagrammed here:


And how to celebrate Pi Day?
How about with a Pi Digits Mug...

Or maybe a Pi Plate? Hee. ;)

Mmm, the Scents of Sulfur and Bacon!

Posted on 03.13.2008 at 01:02 am
DailyCrushMood: amusedamused
Here's one for our guy DailyCrushers (and the girls who gift them) - this little item (and I say little because this is unfortunately the biggest image I could find) is called a Mantern...


...otherwise known as Candles for Men! Most good-natured guys will tolerate their girl's affinity for pretty-smelling candles, but chances are they'd prefer these more manly versions, which come in scents like Ballpark (above), Bacon Cheeseburger, Baseball Glove, 4th of July, Sawdust, and The Woods. Heh. :)

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